Shanggong Shanghai Photosensitive material factory (formerly Shanghai ShenBei photosensitive material factory, established in 1958) is the domestic production of photosensitive materials ,which is one of the large-scale backbone enterprises in Shanghai . government is supported.

We have an outstanding digital imaging material research team and well trained technical workers. The research team has developed a core technology which involves a special emulsion . The team has developed a photosensitive material technique.This product won the National approval certificate. At present, we are a professional enterprise in our country.

We have good relationship with Fuji.Fuji projects and management systems are receiving the close attention of our executives.All of our systems are renewaled, have quality assurance practices. It is true to say that our cooperation is led to improve working efficiencies at the technical and operational level,suitable for the cutting and packaging of photosensitive materials.

It ensure the products sell well all over the country which are standardized procedures, monitoring system,strictly guarantee quality system Our main products include: medical x ray film, industrial x ray film, laser printing, black and white film, civil and various color paper ,Fuji special digital imaging materials etc. In the manufacture of light sensitive silver products ,we follow technical development trend timely so that we can strengthen the capability of sustainable development.

Address: No. 15, 289nong , Huoshan Ro., Shanghai

TEL: 86-021-65463130

FAX: 86-021- 65455072