Located in Bielefeld, State of North Rhine-Westphalia, Durkopp Adler AG is a public listed German company with its shares being traded in the stock exchanges of Frankfurt, Duesseldorf and Berlin. The Company is registered in Bielefeld with a total capital stock of 8,200,000 shares and a registered capital of EUR 20,962,967.13.
The new majority shareholder of Durkopp Adler AG is ShangGong (Europe) Holding Corp. GmbH, which now holds 7,374,423 shares in Durkopp Adler AG, accounting for 89.93% of its total number of 
The foundation of the company can be traced back to the 1860, which means a history of over 140 years of the company. In 1990, the merger of Durkoppwerke and Kochs Adler Namaschinenwerke, the two predecessors of the company, took place and the Durkopp Adler AG was established.
Durkopp Adler Group consisting of the Durkopp Adler AG and its subsidiaries are mainly engaged in the development, manufacturing and sales of industrial sewing machines and material handling systems Its products, services and comprehensive solutions are designed to realize an automated production and to enhance productivity, thus providing decisive competitive advantages to the customers all over the world Durkopp Adler is one of the global leaders in the field of industrial sewing technology. The company possesses a wide product range, and complete series of products especially in the field of jackets and trousers production as well as for sewing of leather and other medium- and heavy-weight materials such as for car seats, home upholstery and technical textiles, etc. In addition, the company is strong in handling complete projects by its competence to provide its customers with all-embracing consultation and reliable services. The company has superior product and service quality, and its brand name and products enjoy a high reputation in the garment, automotive, home upholstery and shoe industries.
Besides Germany, the company has production bases in Czech Republic, Romania and China as well. The company operates with a worldwide sales and service network consisting of sales subsidiaries in nearly 10 countries as well as more than 100 distributors all over the world. The group has over 1,800 employees and the yearly turnover exceeds EUR 130 million.
Through the post-acquisition business integration, the company plans to strengthen its R&D on products aiming at various levels of market demand and to make further efforts to open up those important developing markets such as China and other Asian countries, in order to consolidate and improve its position in the global market.