Shanghai Shanggong Assets Management Co.,Ltd.

Registered address Room B-2-A 1701,No. 1500 Century Avenue, Operation Address in 4F, No.63 Zhonghua Road.It’s the wholly owned subsidiary of Shang Gong Group, with registered capital 5 million yuan. Business scope is: house leasing (including their ownreal estate leasing and entrusted property leasing), commercial office spacerental, property management, asset management, investment management,enterprise management, management consulting, sewing equipment and sewing machine, process equipment, spare parts, cultural office machinery, office equipment, stationery, video equipment, photographic equipment and photographic paper, develop and enlarge print equipment sales and related technology development,technology consulting and technology services.

In recent years the company is mainly responsible for external merchantsand lease, leasing management, project management and property management services for stock property of subsidiary enterprises of Shang Gong Group, research,preparation and construction supervision etc.for real estate architecturaldecoration project engineering of housing estates belongs to the Group.

Address: 4F,63 Zhonghua Rd, Shanghai

TEL: 021-63131107

FAX: 021-63131107