Hubei Automatic Sewing Equipment Exhibition Meeting: Concentrated appearance of high-end sewing technology

On November 22, ShangGong Group Automatic Sewing Equipment Exhibition Meeting was held in Fuyang, Hubei. ShangGong Group, The global sewing technology leader,brought its sewing brands such as Duerkopp Adler, PFAFF Industrial, Mauser, Shanggong and Richpeace, etc. to the scene. More than 180 leaders and police officers of the Chuyuan Group and its subsidiaries in Hubei Province were invited to attend the meeting.


Thesales vice president and product manager of ShangGong Group introduced applicationof automatic and professional sewing equipment in garment production branded Duerkopp Adler and PFAFF Industrial respectively.

Application and function of Shanggong and Richpeace’s professional automated sewing equipment in the production of garments were also introduced. At the meeting,27 sewing machines from Duerkopp Adler, PFAFF Industrial, Mauser, Shanggong and Richpeace were displayed. Through on-site interaction, presentation and communication, everyone has a strong interest in the sewing machines of different application categories displayed, and actively consulted on-site technical experts about the technical expertise of the products.

ShangGong Group’s main customer in Hubei is the local prison system. At present, thereare 25 prison customers who produce garments. Most of these customers mainly produce uniforms, as well as a small number of denim, knitwear and shirts. Inthe equipment shown, Duerkopp Adler 275-140342-01 E28 used for men's andwomen's shirt hem and wrinkle operation, 755S for straight, bag and towel bags, and Pfaff's 3819 automatic waist workstation and the 3840 sewing belt loop workstation have received special attention. All the equipment can greatly improve the production efficiency of Hubei prison system tooling uniforms, denim, knitting and shirt clothing.

The meeting further enhanced the influence of ShangGong Group on the brand inHubei, and raised the awareness of brands such as Duerkopp Adler, PFAFF Industrial, Mauser, Shanggong and Richpeace. ShangGong Group will continue tofocus on the development, manufacturing and application of automatic, intelligent and modular equipment, create a technologically innovative enterprise and let the sewing equipment produced in Germany go further in the Chinese market.