ShangGong Group Become Member of "China strategic alliance of intelligentmanufacturing of garment technology "

On May 9, in order to guide the allocation of resourcesinnovation, promote industrial innovation and technology, promote independentinnovation capability and core competitiveness of China's garment manufacturingintelligence, "China strategic alliance of intelligentmanufacturing of garment technology" wasestablished in Beijing. Mr. Wang Tiankai, Chairman of China Textile Industry Association , Mr.Gao Yan Min, Minister of Industry and Ministry of Information Industry Secretary andconsumer goods , vice president of China Textile Industry Association, Mr. Sun Rui Zhe,Chairman of China NationalGarment Association,made the speeches. Mr.Chen Dapeng, the Executive Vice presidentof China Garment Association chaired the meeting. Mr. Zhang Min,Chairman of SGG was invited toattend the meeting and made speech.

"Strategicalliance" is in our implementation of the "innovation-driven,transformation and development" and the implementation of the "China2025" development strategy was born out of the critical period. It will use garmentIntelligent Manufacturing as a breakthrough, make full use of themember units of existing conditions and advantages in research and development,the establishment of coordination mechanism, a number of research anddevelopment with independent intellectual property rights,it will have asignificant impact on the industry of generic technologies from a "scaledevelopment "to"development value "from" factor-driven"to" innovation-driven ", the apparel industry and relatedindustries to accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading, andsustainable and healthy development.